Why cant i buy crypto on robinhood

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Why can’t I location a purchase order on a cryptocurrency?

There are a few reasons why you could no longer be capable of vicinity a buy order:

You don’t have enough buying electricity to region the choices alternate. Cryptocurrencies are non-marginable and might’t depend as collateral, so that you’ll want to have enough coins to your account to location the choices order.

Your account become flagged for Pattern Day Trading. If you’re a sample day trader, and the acquisition of a cryptocurrency might cause the choices value of your stocks and cash to dip beneath $25,000, we might also save you you from putting the change. For example, if your account value is $25,500 and you want to location a $six hundred purchase order for Bitcoin, we’ll ask you to deposit more price range. This is because placing the choices order for $six hundred for Bitcoin might drop your account all the way down to $24,900.