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5733XJ1 IBM i Access Client Solutions – GettingStarted

The QuickStartGuide carries instructions for deploying the choices product that work for maximum customers strolling Windows, Mac or Linux. To deploy this product for a unmarried user, or for a multi-consumer PC, see the QuickStartGuide within the Documentation folder.

Additional information about the choices product, different deployment options and customizing the choices product are included in the the rest of this document.

IBM i Access Client Solutions is the latest member of the IBM i Access circle of relatives of products. It gives a Java primarily based platform-impartial interface which runs on maximum running structures that help Java along with Linux, Mac and Windows. IBM i Access Client Solutions consolidates the maximum commonly used duties for coping with your IBM i into one simplified area.

IBM i Access Client Solutions uses the choices same IBM i host servers as the alternative IBM i Access Family products and calls for the identical IBM i Access Family license (5770XW1) with a purpose to use the 5250 emulation and Data Transfer functions.

Also to be had are two non-compulsory applications which include middleware for the usage of and growing purchaser applications for Windows and Linux:     IBM i Access Client Solutions – Windows Application Package     IBM i Access Client Solutions – Linux Application Package

Customers using IBM i 7.2 or later which have contemporary entitlement can collect IBM i Access Client Solutions by using both of the subsequent two methods:

The non-compulsory Windows and Linux utility packages are to be had from the Entitled Software Support (ESS) website.

Customers can accumulate media by using ordering 5761-SS1 or 5770-SS1 refresh feature 6288. The bodily media includes a runnable model of the choices product which allows you to run the choices product directly from the CD. The physical media additionally consists of a .zip document of the product which may be copied and extracted to a place of your desire. The bodily media for IBM i Access Client Solutions does not include the non-compulsory Windows and Linux Application Packages.

For extra facts visit:     IBM i Access Client Solutions

For the choices ultra-modern records approximately IBM i Access Family products go to:     IBM i Access Family

Features of IBM i Access Client Solutions encompass:

The non-compulsory Windows Application Package consists of:

The non-obligatory Linux Application Package includes:

IBM i Access Client Solutions runs on maximum working systems that guide Java or higher which include numerous variations of Linux, Mac and Windows. Note: ACS may not be able to locate Java 8 on macOS 11.0 Big Sur. We endorse putting in Java eleven.

Recommendation: Keeping your version of Java at the choices most modern model makes certain you’ve got all of the trendy fixes and protection patches.

One manner to test the choices model of Java hooked up to your system is to carry up a prompt where a command can be entered (Command Prompt, Shell, Terminal, and many others) after which type the command:     java -version

The following output indicates version eight.0 is installed:     java version “1.8.0_191” The 191 in this situation refers to the update degree.

Here are a few websites of Java vendors. Make positive you are strolling with the choices most updated model of Java in your platform.

Technote for Mac: When installing Java on Mac, pick out a JDK instead of a JRE. The JRE for Mac installs Java for simplest the choices browser. It does no longer installation Java for different applications. Installing the choices JDK makes Java to be had to different programs such as IBM i Access Client Solutions.

IBM i Access Client Solutions connects to any supported IBM i release.

IBM i Access Client Solutions uses the equal IBM i host servers as the alternative IBM i Access Family products and calls for the choices same IBM i Access Family license (5770XW1) so as to use the 5250 emulation and Data Transfer capabilities.

If you operate SSL connections, load and practice the subsequent IBM i PTFs in your launch:     7.2 – SI55392, SI57320, MF60333, MF60334

If you operate Navigator for i, load and follow the right IBM i PTFs for your release:     7.2 – Group PTF SF99713 degree 30 or better     7.three – Group PTF SF99722 degree 17 or better

The following documents and directories are contained in the product .zip report:

The packaging of IBM i Access Client Solutions offers several set up options from the very simple unmarried consumer installation, to the choices more advanced multi-user installations.

Installation scripts have been provided inside the Mac_Application, Linux_Application, and Windows_Application folders (see phase 4.0 Product Contents) which can be used for a number of installation options.

For a single consumer installation on Mac, Linux, and Windows, or a multi-person installation on a Windows PC, see the choices QuickStartGuide. The QuickStartGuide explains the way to use the provided set up scripts for doing these forms of easy installs.

If you are an administrator planning on deploying this to numerous users, you have to examine the subsequent articles: IBM i Access Client Solutions: Customization and deployment made smooth IBM i Access Client Solutions: Customization and deployment questions answered These articles provide an explanation for how an administrator can pre-customize the choices set up for a couple of users earlier than deployment with the aid of the use of the /AdminConfig alternative supported by way of the set up scripts.

For administrators that would love to automate the choices set up in silent mode, use the choices /AdminConfig parameter to pre-configure the set up. Then use the /Q parameter at some point of the choices real installation. For Example:

In addition to the above options, you also have the choice of simply unpacking the .zip record to any region of your choice. This can be any area wherein the choices pc has read authority to access the choices files. This consists of the neighborhood difficult disk drive, a far off community (shared) force or transportable media consisting of a CD or USB flash pressure. Unpacking the choices .zip report completes the choices set up.

Technical Note: Some archive utilities do now not preserve all of the stored record attributes. For instance, on Mac and Linux systems, the unzip command is usually a higher desire than the choices jar command. For additional facts, see segment File Permissions.

Enhancements and fixes are available on a periodic foundation. These updates are supplied as a entire product set up. When these updates are to be had, you ought to replace your current set up.

For users retaining their own set up:

Option 1: To replace an existing set up that was established via the usage of the choices set up scripts, extract the choices contents of a newer model of the product. Invoke the set up script from this new version within the identical manner as became completed all through the initial installation. This updates the product documents without converting the existing configuration.

Option 2: If you chose to put in the product with out using the set up scripts by way of extracting the choices contents of the choices .zip document to some region of your preference, then to replace the product, you need to extract the choices contents of the newer version of the product over the choices top of the existing version. Keep in thoughts, you need to shop and restore the contents of AcsConfig.residences in case you made custom modifications to it.

For directors preserving a model of the product in a principal vicinity accessed through a couple of customers: Extract the choices contents of the choices more recent model over the top of the present version. If you have got made custom changes to the choices file, you have to store AcsConfig.houses earlier than extracting the choices contents of the choices new edition of the choices product over an existing model. After you have extracted the contents of the choices new version of the product and feature restored AcsConfig.residences, your users want to take one of the following options:

Option 1: If the customers are running without delay from the choices remote place, no similarly action is needed. Have them restart the choices product to choose up the new updates.

Option 2: Run the set up script inside the same way as the preliminary installation to update the nearby set up.

Option three: If you have set up an IBM i Update Location, section 5.2, have your customers pick out Help->Check for Updates from the primary GUI. A panel must appear telling them an update is available. Have them pick out Install Update. This alternative may also be run from the command line the use of the choices INSTALLUPDATES plug-in.

After following the right steps above, restart the choices product. Help->About from the primary GUI may be used to verify the choices updates were applied.

Administrators can use an IBM i machine as their important place for doing installs and making use of updates. Regardless of the way you initially installation the choices product to your users, you may use a vital vicinity on an IBM i in order that your customers can practice an replace with a click of a button. Here are the stairs:

Setting the choices belongings reasons Help->Check for Updates to behave differently. Instead of checking an external internet location for the choices availability of an up to date model, the above IBM i place is checked for up to date product documents. An update is detected when the timestamp of any required product document modifications. The timestamp is displayed on the choices Help->Check for Updates panel with an option to deploy the choices update.

The user will need valid credentials to the choices machine distinctive for If their credentials have now not already been cached from a previous connection to this system, they’re triggered to offer valid credentials. Failing to provide legitimate credentials will bring about updates not being detected.

Users that have an IBM i Update Location configured and feature selected the option “Notify when update is to be had” below Edit->Preferences, will now not be triggered to offer credentials. They will only get notified of an available replace in the event that they have successfully linked to the choices for the reason that closing time they logged in to their PC.

Special note for administrators that preserve a customized AcsConfig.residences record inside acsbundle.jar: This feature downloads the acsbundle.jar that exists on the choices IBM i at the required location. No unique processing is carried out to keep a custom designed version of the record in the course of an update. If you have got formerly customized the choices document inside acsbundle.jar, you will need to make certain the new version of acsbundle.jar consists of your preferred customizations earlier than making it to be had for download.

For Administrators that need to hold a centralized area on an IBM i for his or her customers to install and update the choices product, launch-particular PTFs are to be had with the intention to offer the choices extracted contents of at:         /QIBM/ProdData/Access/ACS/Base

The PTFs for are:

Section Starting the choices Product describes numerous one of a kind methods to start IBM i Access Client Solutions. If you operate one of the supplied binary documents or scripts to begin the choices product, you need to make certain its file permissions have the choices execute permission enabled. The report permissions assigned even as unpacking the .zip report are decided through numerous factors which includes the working device, the choices archive software used to unpack the choices .zip document, the authority of the person, and so on.

If you’ve got trouble using one of the furnished binary documents or scripts, take a look at the choices file permissions. The following sections describe a few strategies for checking the document permissions.

For unix-like running structures, you may use the following command from a shell or terminal set off to check the choices permissions of a document:

To trade the choices permissions of a report, you may use the following command:

Additional help for the choices ls and chmod instructions is without difficulty available on the net.

For Windows, while viewing the record the use of Windows explorer, proper-click the report and pick houses. The safety tab must include the choices report permissions. Make sure you have got Read and Execute permission.

On latest variations of Windows, you could additionally use the choices icacls command to view and exchange the permission of a report.

There are multiple ways to start IBM i Access Client Solutions. If you used the installation scripts to put in the product, the very best way to start the product is determined inside the QuickStartGuide.

If the product turned into not set up the use of the set up scripts, the the rest of this section will describe alternative ways to start the product. Since there are alternatives a variety of approaches and places how/in which Java can be established, a number of the choices strategies may also require extra configuration. If one of the strategies beneath does now not paintings, strive a distinct technique. In some instances, additional steering is furnished.

When the usage of a binary document or script as defined below, the binary report or script should be in the same listing structure as contained within the .zip record. For comfort, you may additionally copy/circulate the choices binary record(s) and/or scripts on your platform(s) to the equal listing in which the choices acsbundle.jar exists.

To start the product from a document viewer (e.g. Windows Explorer, Mac OS X Finder, etc) the usage of a platform specific binary file, find the sub-listing in Start_Programs that identifies your operating system and hardware architecture.

Locate the choices binary document your running system recognizes. Then double-click it to begin the choices product. You may start the product with this binary file from a Command Prompt, Terminal, or Shell.

If you get the following errors:     “Error loading Java module.” IBM i Access Client answers couldn’t find a Java installation in a region it recognizes. You may also attempt one of the following methods in sections:     7.1.1 Starting the choices Product – Additional Options     7.2 Starting the Product (the use of a script)     7.3 Starting the choices Product (the use of the command-line)

You may strive one of the following methods when seeking to use the binary file for your platform. These techniques permit you to become aware of which Java Runtime Environment (JRE) ought to be used to start the product. See segment 7.1.2 Finding the choices Java Home Path for how to find the Java home route on your workstation. These additional techniques are simplest supported on Linux and Windows structures:

If you could begin the product the use of one of the techniques in segment:     7.2 Starting the Product (the use of a script) (OR)     7.three Starting the choices Product (the use of the choices command-line) then you can decide the choices Java domestic course on your notebook from the choices IBM i Access Client Solutions fundamental GUI. On the menu bar, choose     Help->About     The java.domestic path is displayed on this panel.

The java.domestic property includes the region of the Java domestic direction in your notebook. This is the course you’ll want to specify whilst placing the choices JAVA_HOME surroundings variable or while using the -vm alternative on the choices command.

On Windows platforms, look for java.exe. The Java binary is usually positioned in both a bin or jre/bin sub-listing below the Java domestic path. The Java home direction may be used whilst putting both the JAVA_HOME surroundings variable or while using the -vm alternative on the choices command.

On linux you may use the choices “which” command:

Resolve any symbolic hyperlinks till you subsequently get to the real binary document for the java command. You can clear up symbolic hyperlinks through using the choices ls command with the -l option:

There is a Sample_Scripts listing in the Documentation listing.

The preferred way to start the product is by using the use of a platform particular binary report available in Start_Programs. The scripts in Sample_Scripts must most effective be used if the choices platform unique binary does now not paintings.

To begin the product from a report gadget browser (e.g. Windows Explorer, Mac OS X Finder, and so forth) the use of one of the provided scripts, locate the script in the Sample_Scripts sub-listing this is compatible along with your running machine.

Most non-Windows based running systems have perl to be had through default. The Sample_Scripts/Linux_Mac_Other listing carries a perl script (with 3 one-of-a-kind report extensions) which can be used to begin the choices product on any platform where perl is to be had. Select the choices report that has a report extension that your operating gadget will understand as a perl script.

Windows primarily based running structures have JScript to be had by way of default. The Sample_Script/Windows directory consists of a JScript that may be used to start the product on Windows operating structures.

Using a platform specific technique to browse your file machine (e.g. Windows Explorer, Mac OS X Finder, and so forth), find the script your running system acknowledges. Then, double-click it to begin the choices product. You may also begin the choices product with this script from a Command Prompt, Terminal, or Shell.

You might also begin the product from the command-line from any vicinity you may enter a command (Command Prompt, Terminal, Shell, and so on)

See phase 7.1.2 Finding the Java Home Path for figuring out the choices whole direction to the choices java command.

You might also use any of the packages or scripts from the command-line. For instance:

Technical Note: On most structures, the Java Virtual device heap area defaults to a most length that is too small to use multiple functions within the IBM i Access Client Solutions product. A one gigabyte most heap length (-Xmx1024m) is the choices advocated minimum length. Specifying sizes smaller than one gigabyte or using the choices default heap size may additionally produce an OutOfMemoryException.

Add a gadget configuration for every IBM i device you need to use or control. To add a machine configuration, pick System Configurations from the Management responsibilities. Then choose New. On the choices General tab, enter the System name. To get commenced, the System name is all this is important for performing General duties.

When you have completed, pick out OK to keep the choices facts you entered for this machine, or choose Save/New when you have extra systems you would really like to add to the configuration.

To configure a device to make a TLS/SSL connection, see Configuring Secure Connections.

You may additionally upload new structures in your configuration or replace current configurations the use of the choices General, Connection, or the Console tabs at any time.

For Console responsibilities, extra configuration is needed. Console configurations are mechanically related to the System name you entered on the choices General tab. To enter the choices console configuration for a device, choose System Configurations from the choices Management tasks. Select New or Edit. Then select the Console tab. The 5250 Console mission requires a configured LAN console or a configured HMC console. If you do now not have a configured LAN or HMC console, see segment nine.9 Establishing a Console Connection to IBM i.

The Hardware Management Interface task calls for a configured hardware management interface. You may enter up to six hardware control interface configurations.

When you have finished, pick Close on the choices System Configurations panel.

Using the choices System drop-down field on the main IBM i Access Client Solutions panel, pick out a System. All Console duties mechanically partner the chosen System (entered on the General tab) with the choices console configuration (entered on the Console tab).

You might also now pick a undertaking for the selected machine. If you pick out a Console venture which does no longer have the corresponding facts entered on the choices Console configuration tab, an blunders message is displayed.

By default, each user will have their very own particular place for his or her configuration. The configuration root listing is decided in a platform based way. The configuration directories are created in the course of the choices initial begin-up. To see wherein the choices configuration directory is:     Start the product (see phase Starting the Product)     Edit->Preferences     Select the Local Settings tab     Configuration Root

The configuration place can not be changed at the same time as the choices product is running. To trade the location of the choices configuration, see phase nine.three Changing Configuration Location

Many of the choices functions which might be available from the main GUI are also available from the choices command-line. These capabilities may be invoked via presenting the right parameters to any of the choices command-line options shown in: segment 7.3 Starting the choices Product (the usage of the command-line)

Only the additional parameters are shown in the following sections:

This will save the choices present day configuration to the desired file. The resulting file can be used as input to the choices Restore command-line option on the equal or distinct computer (regardless of working machine).

The location of the choices configuration to be stored is decided by using the choices belongings:

This characteristic is equal to File->Export Configuration from the primary GUI.

The vicinity of the choices restored configuration is determined by way of the property:

This characteristic is equal to File->Import Configuration from the main GUI.

Note: To avoid uploading the choices default consumer name unique on the choices Connection tab of a System Configuration, location the following property within the document.

The logs generated may be accessed from the principle GUI by:     Edit->Preferences     Local Settings tab     Dumps Directory

If no options are certain, this characteristic is equivalent to the following feature from the primary GUI:     Tools->Generate Service Logs

The resulting .zip document can be accessed from the main GUI via:     Edit-Preferences     Local Settings tab     Service Directory This function is equivalent to Tools->Package Service Logs from the principle GUI.

The logging level can also be set from the main GUI through:     Edit->Preferences     General tab     Logging stage

For non-SSL, the subsequent offerings and ports are checked:

For SSL, the subsequent services and ports are checked:

This characteristic can be released from the main GUI by means of:     System Configurations     pick out a gadget and then Edit     General tab     Verify Connection

This is equivalent to 5250 Session Manager from the principle GUI.

Data Transfer is likewise to be had from the primary GUI with the aid of deciding on Data Transfer.

Data Transfer is also to be had from the primary GUI by selecting Data Transfer.

This feature is equivalent to 5250 Console from the main GUI.

This characteristic is equal to Virtual Control Panel from the primary GUI.

This feature is equivalent to Navigator for i from the main GUI.

This characteristic is equivalent to Printer Output from the primary GUI.

This function is equal to Tools->Key Management from the principle GUI.

This feature is most effective to be had from the choices command line.

This function will also be used from the main GUI by using selecting the Passwords tab from Edit->Preferences

This characteristic will also be used from the principle GUI by using deciding on File->Copy Connections

This plug-in affords the functionality to anybody with administrator or root authority to limit sure capabilities from all customers on the choices cutting-edge notebook.

Functions may also be excluded as a collection the use of keywords:

For an clean way to limit capabilities on more than one workstations, see section 9.5 Customized Packages.

This characteristic is equal to Tools->File Associations from the principle GUI.

Data Transfer is likewise to be had from the primary GUI by way of selecting Data Transfer.

Some configuration documents generated through IBM i Access Client Solutions are supported from the command-line when they are supplied as the first and most effective parameter. When these documents with precise file extensions are supplied as the first parameter, IBM i Access Client Solutions will partner the choices record with the choices feature to be invoked and provide the report as input to that function.

The following extensions have record affiliation guide:

These supported command-line document associations enable the user to manually installation running gadget (OS) specific file institutions. Since file institutions are platform dependent, the stairs required depend upon the choices OS.

The following sections offer some examples of putting in place record associations for a few operating systems.

The suitable IBM i Access Client Solution characteristic will now run when you double-click documents with this kind.

Follow the stairs within the QuickStartGuide for Linux. This will set up the software to /choose/ibm/iAccessClientSolutions. It will even create: /usr/share/packages/IBM i Access Client

To create an icon for the product for your computer, reproduction the above .desktop report for your Desktop folder. You can also need to alter the choices permissions of report for your computing device in order that it is executable.

The steps required for setting document institutions will depend upon the Linux distribution and the laptop surroundings getting used. In widespread, the steps required are much like the choices above steps used for Windows.

In order to apply File Associations on a Mac, the report type need to be associated with an software. Follow the steps within the QuickStartGuide for Mac so IBM i Access Client Solutions is an established utility.

The suitable IBM i Access Client Solution function will now run whilst you double-click on documents with this type.

Use the choices Preview software to locate the choices Icons folder in the product listing and use Finder to replace the choices icon in Get Info.

By default, every user will have their very own unique region for their configuration. The configuration area can be modified via putting the choices property: This belongings exists in the report.

The record exists in places when the product is distributed. It is contained in the acsbundle.jar record. For comfort, it’s also supplied in the product .zip report and is inside the same directory as the choices acsbundle.jar document when the choices .zip record is unpacked.

During start-up, the choices product will best use the choices first AcsConfig.residences record it finds. It first checks the directory in which the choices acsbundle.jar report exists. If AcsConfig.residences is not observed in the identical directory as the choices acsbundle.jar document , it will use the AcsConfig.houses document within the acsbundle.jar document.

You might also select to replace AcsConfig.residences in acsbundle.jar with a custom configuration course. If you do, make sure the choices listing wherein acsbundle.jar exists does not include an report or it will get used instead. This provides the power of being able to distribute the configuration location with the acsbundle.jar record while also providing the flexibility to override it.

Special keywords are furnished which may be used while defining the choices configuration course. When the choices keywords are used in the certain course, the key phrases are substituted with the text or path they define. Only one keyword can be used within the configuration route. The unique keywords and their meanings are:

The following keywords can best be at the beginning of the required route:

Technical Note: We do not advocate sharing a configuration between multiple customers. For example, if X have been a shared community drive, the subsequent placing may reason unpredictable results:

There are several issues with a couple of customers sharing this configuration direction:

When sharing a configuration course between multiple users, the key-word should be used to keep away from collisions with different users. It is substituted with the choices user ID of the choices modern-day person.

When putting the configuration course, use a forward decrease (‘/’) in preference to a backward decrease (”) as the choices directory separator. This works on all running structures consisting of Windows.

Here are some recommended sample configurations:

Example 1 – local configuration for cutting-edge user (default):

Example 2 – far flung (or local) configuration particular for each person:

Example three – remote (or nearby) configuration specific for every person:

Example 4 – nearby configuration on portable media (like USB drive):

Here are a few other deployment options you can need to recollect:

The following houses can be used inside the AcsConfig.houses record to routinely installation a configuration for brand new users or to replace a configuration for present users:

Here are the necessary steps:

Here is how it works: The stored configuration referenced by way of the choices property is mechanically imported while the integer value of the choices assets mismatches the choices remaining cost that became imported. In addition to imparting a manner to set up an preliminary configuration and provide updates to an present configuration, this also gives a manner to back-stage a configuration. The configuration is updated each time there is a mismatch between the integer price of the model property with the choices remaining model that changed into imported. However, whilst an imported configuration may additionally alternate the choices configuration for an present device in the user’s configuration, a gadget will in no way be deleted from the person’s configuration.

The direction for the choices belongings can be certain as an absolute route, a URL or with key phrases defined in phase 9.three. For instance:

Additional flexibility is supplied with the aid of permitting the configuration document to be distributed inside acsbundle.jar or within the identical directory as acsbundle.jar. For both case, set with the choices call of the choices report without a preceding direction:

A special value of * is permitted for

This will always import the choices configuration irrespective of any previous model.

Note: To avoid uploading the default person call distinctive on the choices Connection tab of a System Configuration, location the following property inside the AcsConfig.houses record.

Some of the choices command-line plug-ins that don’t require a GUI may be used natively on the choices IBM i. For instance, you could use Data Transfer to extract statistics out of your database right into a spreadsheet document kind at once on the choices IBM i with out downloading the choices records to the PC.

To try this, you may extract the choices product .zip file to any vicinity within the IBM i Integrated File System (IFS). For instance, in case you extracted the choices product .zip file to:

Note: There are also IBM i PTFs so as to extract the choices contents of the choices product for you on an IBM i. See section five.three Optional IBM i PTFs

IBM i Access Client Solutions offers device administrators the choices potential to restriction using particular functions by using setting either of the subsequent two properties inside the report:

Setting will disable the desired functions. All different functions are enabled. Any function specific in this property will not be to be had from the main ACS GUI nor from the choices command line. The capabilities which may be distinct on this property are indexed underneath.

Setting will permit the desired functions. All different features are disabled. Any feature precise on this assets is to be had for ordinary usage. The functions which can be certain on this belongings are indexed under.

Functions can also be designated as organizations using the following keywords:

Normally those homes could not be used together. If they are used together and a function is special on both properties, the choices function is disabled.

Example 1: This will disable all of the functions associated with OPCONSOLE,HWCONSOLE,L1CPLUGIN. All different capabilities within the above list are enabled.

Example 2: This will enable 5250 and records switch downloads. All other functions inside the above listing are disabled.

If the gadget administrator would like to replace the AcsConfig.residences report inner acsbundle.jar before deploying it to their users, an example of how to do this is:

IBM i Access Client Solutions configuration documents are not well suited with the choices corresponding functions in IBM i Access for Windows. IBM i Access Client Solutions gives a migration course for numerous key items as mentioned inside the following sections.

The Copy Connections function available from the main GUI menu at File->Copy Connections offers an interface for copying system configurations between IBM i Access Client Solutions and the legacy Windows configuration supported with the aid of IBM i Access for Windows. For extra facts, see the choices assist for the primary panel of Copy Connections. The device configurations will also be migrated the usage of the choices command line. See section 9.1.25 MIGRATE for added data.

5250 emulation documents used by the choices IBM i Access for Windows Personal Communications emulator can be transformed via the usage of the 5250 Session Manager in IBM i Access Client Solutions. The following file types may be transformed from Personal Communications:

The conversion of those documents may be initiated from the IBM i Access Client Solutions Session Manager menu through:

A macro conversion utility is available. From the Session Manager:

Data Transfer in IBM i Access Client Solutions provides a wizard for changing stored Data Transfer request files that had been generated by means of IBM i Access for Windows.

The following record kinds may be transformed from IBM i Access for Windows:

The Data Transfer migration wizard is available from the choices Data Transfer fundamental menu with the aid of selecting Actions->Data Transfer Migration

For 5250 packages which leverage EHLLAPI when gaining access to the choices Personal Communications emulator shipped with IBM i Access for Windows, talk to the subsequent KB article for statistics approximately the usage of EHLLAPI with IBM i Access Client Solutions:

IBM i Access Client Solutions has guide for Kerberos. To use Kerberos when connecting to a machine:

The assets may be used to exchange the choices default behavior for the choices ACS emulator. This assets can be set in with the following values:

Managing certificate for Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connections is to be had from the principle GUI by means of selecting Tools->Key Management. Some tasks on the Key Database require the keystore integrity passphrase.

In addition to supporting downloads to a File, Data Transfer additionally supports downloads to an energetic spreadsheet for either Microsoft’s Excel spreadsheet or OpenOffice’s Calc spreadsheet. To down load to an energetic spreadsheet, the principle Data Transfer GUI panel offers the choice to pick an Output Device. By default, the choices Output Device is File. If your platform supports interplay with the choices Excel and/or Calc spreadsheet, additional options for an Active Excel Spreadsheet and an Active Calc Spreadsheet may be decided on from the choices Output Device drop down box.

During a Data Transfer add request, if a character or numeric area exceeds the choices described size of the field, the choices add request will terminate.

To permit individual fields to be truncated from the quit, set the subsequent assets inside the AcsConfig.houses record:

To allow numeric fields to be set to their maximum fine or bad value when the choices supplied numeric discipline exceeds the described boundary, set the following assets in the document:

When those houses are set to real, the add request will hold without offering any indication that truncation or overflow occurred. Character fields are truncated at the choices end. Numeric fields are set to their most fee for overflow and their minimum cost for underflow.

Alternatively, the above houses can be set from from the command line like different Java homes as follows:

During downloads, a sheet name is generated based totally on the name of the choices IBM i supply library and file with “>Sheet#” appended wherein # is changed with the proper sheet number. For example:     qiws.qcustcdt>Sheet1

To override the library and record part of the choices sheet name, you can specify the following property: This will generate:     your_string>Sheet1

If the choices unique values of %1$s %2$s or %three$s are used inside the assets, the placement of library.filename and sheet# may be changed or eliminated.

The values have the following meaning:             %1$s – library.filename    For instance: qiws.qcustcdt             %2$s – sheet#                   For instance: 1             %three$s – destination report name with out document extension

Using any of those special values presents whole manipulate of the sheet call.

Setting the belongings to Sheetpercent2$s will produce sheet names: Sheet1, Sheet2, and so on$s

You may use %1$s %2$s or %three$s in any aggregate with other textual content.

Note: Since sheet names in a spreadsheet should be unique, setting the belongings to apply %1$s or %3$ with out additionally the usage of %2$s will produce an mistakes if multiple sheet is needed.

To carry out administrative features on the IBM i, a 5250 console is needed. IBM i Access Client Solutions supports both LAN and HMC console configurations.

If you recognize the Service host name or Service IP address to your IBM i or the choices host call or IP address in your HMC console, you may configure the choices console information within IBM i Access Client Solutions using the subsequent steps:

For an IBM i in which the choices console configuration does no longer yet exist (e.g. a new machine just delivered for your enterprise), an IP cope with for a console connection is automatically assigned within the range of – 169.254.62.sixty three for the duration of the choices IPL. For these instances, the following steps will help set up a console connection the use of IBM i Access Client Solutions:

When you’re geared up to feature the choices IBM i device to the rest of your network infrastructure, there is additional statistics in the IBM Knowledge Center for how to configure the Service Tools LAN adapter:

See Configuring the carrier tools server for DST.

For IBM i systems that have already got a LAN console configuration and are already on your network infrastructure, the following steps may be used to discover current console configurations:

Additional fonts for 5250 emulation may be introduced to the choices Fonts directory.

To provide alternative and/or multiple places for added fonts, set the assets located in the AcsConfig.residences document.

The default Fonts listing may be overridden through putting the assets to a:

Note: The can be an absolute course or a relative direction beginning from the choices region of acsbundle.jar. Only monospaced fonts are diagnosed by 5250 emulation.

To permit the usage of a .netrc file (Linux and Mac) or a _netrc document (Windows), go to the choices IBM i Access Client Solutions principal GUI and from the menu bar, select     Edit->Preferences     General tab     Check the field: Read netrc report for login facts     Click the choices Apply button     Restart IBM i Access Client Solutions

The standard format of a netrc document is:

The netrc record ought to be stored inside the person’s home directory and the gadget call and consumer-identification should match System Configurations. From IBM i Access Client Solutions:     Select System Configurations     Select after which Edit the choices device     Connections tab     Select Use default person name to spark off once for every gadget     Fill inside the consumer-identity for: Default person call     Select OK

When the choices system call and Default user call fit the choices contents of the netrc document, a connection to the choices gadget is made the use of the password from the netrc record with out prompting the choices user.

The Integrated File System Support uses the choices QFileSvr.four hundred report machine to duplicate or ship gadgets from one IBM i partition to any other. This approach the consumer profile and password on both walls ought to fit, and the choices partitions have to have the choices same password degree machine cost (QPWDLVL). If the usage of Kerberos authentication, both partitions ought to have Network Authentication Service and Enterprise Identity Mapping (EIM) configured. For greater info, see the topic “Security and object authority in the QFileSvr.400 report device” in the IBM i Knowledge Center.

The connections to different IBM i partitions made by means of the choices QFileSvr.400 record system aren’t stable. If a secure connection is needed whilst copying or sending items from one IBM i partition to any other, the configuration for the choices partition have to be setup to apply SSL, System Configurations ought to have the choices “Use SSL for connection” option decided on for that partition, and the following property should be set within the AcsConfig.houses report: Alternatively, the assets can be set from from the command line like other Java houses as follows:

The Integrated File System assist requires authority to use the following CL commands:

If the choices consumer cannot use those CL commands, the choices Copy, Paste, Send, Delete, and New Folder moves will fail.

The Integrated File System guide does not permit movements for gadgets which have paths that begin with /QFileSvr.400, /QNTC, or /QOPT. If the choices contemporary listing path or any decided on item route starts offevolved with /QFileSvr.400, /QNTC, or /QOPT, all items in the Actions menu are disabled and a context menu will no longer be displayed.

The Integrated File System assist does now not allow the choices Copy, Paste, or Send motion when the choices source object or target route is positioned on an unbiased ASP.

Performance of IFS while showing the choices contents of a listing is decided with the aid of the column attributes decided on (View->Columns…) and whether or not the choices directory contains symbolic links. For non-symbolic links, there is an extra overall performance impact while choosing either CCSID or Owner. For symbolic hyperlinks, there may be an additional performance impact for every column attribute selected other than Icon, Name, and Size (KB) Note: Size (KB) for symbolic hyperlinks isn’t displayed when browsing the choices directory. Select Properties to get the scale of the choices report represented via the symbolic hyperlink.

When displaying a directory with a massive variety of entries, you can exceed the choices default reminiscence restriction of the choices Java Virtual gadget in which IBM i Access Client Solutions is strolling. This can reason all open windows to gradual down and finally prevent responding. If you are showing directories with a huge wide variety of entries, don’t forget the usage of the choices Include clear out to restrict the choices quantity of entries despatched from the server. Or, begin the choices product the use of the -Xmx option to boom the available memory. For example:

The above examples will growth the memory from the choices default 1 gigabyte to four gigabytes. You can also want to growth the scale even more based totally on the choices number of entries inside the listing.

For structures where a Secure Shell exists with the aid of default or has been hooked up, the SSH Terminal characteristic will appear on the choices IBM i Access Client Solutions primary GUI. SSH Terminal will launch a terminal emulator to the choices IBM i Integrated File System.

Most Mac, Linux, and other UNIX-derived structures have already got a Secure Shell by way of default. For those structures, it’s miles assumed an OpenSSH consumer exists and is placed at /usr/bin/ssh. Windows users will need to install one of the Secure Shells to be had for Windows.

Secure Shells supported through IBM i Access Client Solutions:

         Linux:       Xterm, XterminalEmulator, MateTerminal, Terminator, GnomeTerminal, Konsole, Xfce4          Mac:         Terminal, iTerm2          Windows: cygwin, PuTTY, bash                           cygwin calls for the OpenSSH package deal to be installed                           bash is available as a part of the choices Linux subsystem for Windows

If there are multiple SSH programs hooked up, you could use the choices assets to set the choices preferred SSH purchaser.

Linux examples:

Mac examples:

Windows examples:

For instances while the SSH client isn’t hooked up to the standard place, you can use the choices assets to offer the fully-qualified path to the choices established SSH client.

When the choices completely-qualified route is furnished, you can also want to set to offer all vital arguments. For example, to disable warnings if you do not use X11 forwarding:

If you receive a connection mistakes inside the released SSH consumer (as an instance, “connection refused”), or if a window pops up but straight away vanishes, you can need to begin the SSH daemon with the above command.

If you come upon a trouble which requires IBM carrier, your IBM service consultant may also direct you to do one or each of the subsequent:

From the main IBM i Access Client Solutions GUI:

See the following net page: IBM i Access Client Solutions (5733XJ1)

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