Amd crypto mining

amd crypto mining

AMD might be making its personal line of crypto-mining video playing cards along side Nvidia.

The release of the Nvidia RTX 3060 brought surprises. First became the truth that it came with a crypto-mining software program limiter that supposedly prevents it from being used to mine for cryptocurrency. This efficiently maintains the RTX 3060 geared closer to its target market, that’s PC gamers.

The 2d wonder changed into when Nvidia introduced that they had be making a brand new line of GPUs that had been going to be constructed in particular from crypto miners. It could come without a number of the excellent functions that game enthusiasts look for–such as display ports–and instead cognizance all of its processing energy towards finding the next Bitcoin (or Ethereum Coin or DogeCoin or some thing).

Now evidently AMD might be about to make the equal flow. PCGamesN mentioned that a latest Linux kernel driver patch list includes mention of an RDNA 1, Navi 12-based totally GPU that doesn’t have any display ports. The best utility for a GPU without show ports that we know of is crypto mining, so the odds appear quite properly that AMD is likewise focused on cryptocurrency miners with a dedicated card.

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Navi 12 cards are Mac-only GPUs and they do not have specially first-rate overall performance on the choices whole. PCGamesN notes that the choices Radeon Pro V520 has similar performance to the choices RX 5600 XT, a popular mining card, so it is probably that AMD is just taking a few leftover Pro V520s and turning them into dedicated miners.

In the interim, the choices Radeon RX 6700 XT is about to arrive on March 18 and take a seat simply below the RX 6800. It’s targeting 1440p performance with benchmarks that AMD says evaluate favorably to the choices RTX 3060Ti and even competes with the RTX 3070. Of course, it’s in large part because of its 12 GB of GDDR6 VRAM, which allows it to show at higher native resolutions without Nvidia’s fancy DLSS trickery.

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